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Halthdict Austalia is a svic wh you can talk to a nus o docto who can hlp you know what to do.

Polongd o patd Here,,,,,,,,,,,,, here, here, here, here, here, here, here, here, here, here, here. couss o aciclovi in svly immun-compomisd individuals may sult in th slction o vius stains with ducd snsitivity, which may not spond to continud aciclovi tatmnt (s sction 5.1).

A ang o intactiv tools to suppot popl living with HIV to gt involvd in dcisions about thi tatmnt and ca.

Aciclovi is usd to tat two common vial inctions – vaiclla-zost and hps simplx. Th vaiclla-zost vius is th caus o chicknpox and shingls. Hps simplx viuss caus cold sos and gnital hps. Aciclovi woks by pvnting viuss om multiplying, and this ducs th svity o th inction and stops it om spading. As wll as tating inctions, aciclovi can also b pscibd to pvnt som vial inctions om occuing. This is paticulaly th cas in popl who hav a lowd immun systm.

In th ldly, total body claanc alls with incasing ag associatd with dcass in catinin claanc although th is littl chang in th tminal plasma hal-li.

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