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As with all inhalation therapy atrovent may show symptoms of local irritation.

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Information about Atrovent.

Ipatopium bomid is a whit to-whit cystallin substanc, ly solubl in wat and mthanol, spaingly solubl in thanol, and insolubl in non-pola mdia. In aquous solution, it xists in an ionizd stat as a quatnay ammonium compound.

Allgic actions may occu, including itching, swlling th ac, lips, tongu, thoat (involving diiculty in bathing swallowing), ash, hivs, bonchospasm (aiway naowing), anaphylaxis. Som ths may b sious. I you xpinc any ths symptoms, stop taking ATOVNT HA at onc and call you doctgt mgncy hlp.

Th activ ingdint in ATOVNT HA is ipatopium bomid (as th monohydat).

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conditions treated by the atrovent inhaler.


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