Geo Kahani drama Noor Story


This is an intense story of Mehmet Fikri. To make his dream come true, Mehmet Fikri makes his journey to Istanbul while he hails from a small village. He and his family dwell proudly in the mansion which he builds through the establishment of his business empire. However, despite the high life and riches, the only concern for Fikri is his beloved grandson Mehmet – whose only love Nihan dies in front of him and he could not forget that incident.

Now in this whole large world, Mehmet finds himself left alone and absolutely forlorn. He remained confounded by his past and Nihan’s memories are the only thing he has. Mehmet has broken all the ties with the people around him due to this anguish. But then, someone comes forward to breathe life in the dead soul of Mehmet – named Noor.

Noor moves ahead, to win the heart of Mehmet while she already loves her since her childhood. Could Noor win the heart of Mehmet? Could she drive out the memories of Nihan from Mehmet’s heart? Could she go far ahead on this cumbersome and thorny journey? To find these answers – see drama “Noor” on Geo Kahani. Watch Drama Noor daily at 12:00 PM.


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