Geo Kahani Drama Soha Aur Savera Episode 28-10-2013

Soha Aur Savera

Geo Kahani drama Soha Aur Savera you can watch Monday to Thursday night at 08:30 pm also can be watched drama Soha Aur Savera repeated telecasting on 11:30 pm Tuesday to Friday. Geo Kahani drama Soha Aur Savera is story based on two girls with intertwined lives but different outcomes. Don’t forget to watch drama Soha Aur Savera latest episode on 28-10-2013 tonight 8:30 PM.

مائر نے شادی سے انکار کر دیا. جیسا ایمان چاہتی تھی..بالکل ویسا ہی ہوا..

سوہا کی پریشانی ایک بار پھر بڑھ گئی
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