Geo Kahani drama Teri Berukhi Story


Numair and Alena is an emotional married couple and due to the company of their teenage children, they are facing domestic disputes. Aleena remained busy with her friends on daily basis while Numair is a busy businessman. Numair gives divorce to Aleena one day due to a dispute on the same issue and both became separate. Both Aleena and Numair got married later on. Numair’s new wife Shahtaj proved a good wife and loving step-mother as she prevents Numair’s children from wrong doings. Now, Numair also start loving Shahtaj and became emotionally attached with her. On the other side, Aleena got divorce from her second husband due to his bad attitude and now wants to marry again Numair. The upcoming episodes will show the decision of Numair, fate of Aleena and children’s choice. You can watch drama Teri Berukhi form Thursday to Saturday at 3:00 pm


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