Mera Sultan Geo Kahani Turkish Drama

Mera Sultan

Mera Sultan is a Turkish drama serial which is currently on air at Pakistani TV Channel “Geo Kahani” You can watch this Drama online as well at GeoKahani.Pk on the official website of Geo Kahani TV Channel.

Mera Sultan

Mera Sultan on air daily at 9:00Pm and Mera Sultan Repeat telecast at 11:30PM daily.



  1. soni khan says:

    Mera sultan is best darama

  2. soni khan says:

    Best darama

  3. assuassi says:

    mera sultan drama is a awwwsum drma of GEO kahani…

  4. Ali says:

    romantic…action…history…adventure…excellent drama, but I can’t find episodes after 10 with sequence. After 10 there are randomly episodes on sites even youtube, now where I can I watch all episodes after 10 on internet???

  5. Janette3 says:

    On the page of mera sultan on Facebook

  6. hashir says:

    it is a super and very good drama of geo khani

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Geo Kahani best Pakistani TV Drama channel