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My condition, which is sv acid, was not listd as a condition. I tid sval OTC as wll as psciption poducts without succss. Aciphx was a miacl dug m. I dnot hav lux. but th acid build-up was ssv I thought I ndd tgtth mgncy oom Here,,,,,,,,,,,,, here, here, here, here, here, here, here, here, here, here, here. on sval occassions. OTC poducts took th dg only. Th quality my li impovd signiicantly with Aciphx.

This sction povids inomation on th pop us a numb poducts that contain abpazol. It may not b spciic tAciphx. Plas ad with ca.

Tll you docti you hav v had any unusual allgic action tthis mdicin any oth mdicins. Alstll you halth ca possional i you hav any oth typs allgis, such as toods, dys, psvativs, animals. non-psciption poducts, ad th labl packag ingdints caully.

Aly, poton pump inhibitos (such as abpazol) hav causd vitamin B-12 dicincy. Th isk is incasd i thy a takn vy day a long tim (3 yas long). Tll you doctight away i you dvlop symptoms vitamin B-12 dicincy (such as unusual waknss, stongu, numbnss/tingling th hands/t).

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